Beyond the Label


The First way is the negation of the Label. Sometimes out of ignorance. Sometimes out of skepticism. The opposition to the Label defines what is outside of it. With enough outsides, an inside is created, and the Label becomes.

The Second way is the Label. The Label is, it is embraced, and meaning is ascribed to it. In time, more meanings are added to the Label, until they become too many. Eventually, the Label degenerates in a set of more Labels. Contradictions are not only accepted, but welcomed. The Label becomes all-encompassing.

The Third way is the transcending of the Label. The Third way rejects the First and the Second way, and acknowledges the Label for what it is - a label. The Label is nothing but the union and intersection of its meanings. When the Label is discarded, only the meanings remain.

The Third way is how we survive in a world of Labels. Without care, meanings cease to be, and simply become new Labels.

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