The contemporary Monastery


We know that - right now - we're wrong. We seek knowledge and happiness. Once we find or construct a nugget, we revere it and share it. If we were to scream it to the winds, we'd be ridiculed: it's nonsensical in its smallness. Nonetheless, we know we can get the bigger picture right, at least locally.

We're the modern monastery. There's an "inside" and an "outside". Our walls aren't made of brick and stone, but of electrons and awarenesses.

We don't fear heresy, we fear the stagnation that results from not being willing to consider - for a moment - that the heretics might be right. We're constantly labouring not for money, but to find out that we were wrong and we can do better.

We're lost, exploring a world that is collectively too well known, yet individually so unknown. We look after each other because we know what each of us can't do. Yet sometimes, we don't even know who we all are.

We can't scale - we don't want to scale. When we go out there, we ask ourselves one question: how can we make you see and live different worlds without wrecking our own - your own?

We want to build a legacy. Not the kind that you make use of after we're all dead, but the one that you carry with you every day, plant, nurture, and grow.

We think you should build your own monastery. Small. Heretical. Beautiful.

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